Tim and Angela Vess

Hello! We want to introduce ourselves, the people behind BoxDrop Decatur. We got married 17 years ago at the age of 18 and 19 years old.  We were young and in love. We can remember purchasing our first mattress together. We walked out in sticker shock, and with a mattress we knew we paid too much money for. Since we were young and broke, we opted to use the interest free finance option the furniture store provided.  

Why Appointments?

Time marched on and we started a family. We have three beautiful children: two boys and a girl. We enjoy biking, fishing and pretty much anything we can do together as a family.  When we started this business, we decided that it would be something we would do as a family and not something that would take away from our time together. Since we both have full time jobs throughout the week, we decided the best way to run our business would be to see our customers in the afternoons after work and on the weekends, which is why we set appointments. When our truckload of mattresses comes each week, we all pitch in to unload it. When it is time to deliver mattresses, our boys ride along and help. Our toddler just comes along for the ride and the occasional ice-cream pitstop. 

Your Family Matters to Us

As a family owned business, we wanted to provide north Alabama with the best quality mattresses at affordable prices. We also wanted to provide an interest free payment option for our customers should they need it because we know from experience how helpful that can be.